Alaina Nogar


Hello, I am Alaina and I consider myself a maker. I enjoy using a variety of mediums for creative problem solving. I am currently working in design, drawing, and screen-printing, but love experimenting to communicate the right message. I am seeking design opportunities, after graduation that put my skills to the test, and am excited to see where my work leads me. I love problem solving, have a strong appreciation for the hand, and believe in exceptional craft. There is not one area of design that I am particularly drawn to over another. I simply thrive on a good creative challenge and enjoy incorporating my drawing skills when possible. In everything I do, it is my goal to make a positive impact on others around me. I am convinced that human-centered design is a powerful tool that can one day change the world.

Outside of my art, I enjoy exercising and occasionally compete in sprint distance triathlons. I love traveling, and plan on visiting many of the major national parks as soon as I get the chance. Any free time I might have is spent playing the oboe and piano, and walking my dogs. My biggest weakness is sour candy.