Allison Will

One of the most prominent words that describe me would be creative. Art has always been one of my greatest passions. I would describe my artistry to be very detail oriented and illustrative. I’d like to think of myself as a very diverse artist. From pencils to clay, to pixels, I enjoy every medium I'm able to be creative with. I naturally have a tight and clean way of working which is why I gravitated towards graphic design. I have a very illustrative style no matter what medium I’m working with. I like to incorporate important aspects in my life into my artwork, such as experiences and hobbies. Because of my fascination and enjoyment with the natural elements I feel I have gravitated towards living and working very organically. I can be very particular about the way I work and the processes and methods I choose while creating art. I almost always have a vision of how I want the piece to look before I create it. I like focusing on small details and working very tightly. I also like making my work visually appealing along with giving my work character which is why my work has such an illustrative feel.