Alyssa Batch

As most creatives, I am hard on myself with everything I make. I would rather completely start a project over with a new thought process than going back to an old one. I found one of my strong suits are using shapes to create patterns and using them in the most effective way for the project. I enjoy the process of in-depth researching to come up with deeper meanings to design choices, and have hidden stories in my work; making it more enjoyable when having conversations about my work. I am interested in how design can better the lives of people; it’s amazing how much an innovative design project can take over.

I am currently fulfilling this direction in a business; I plan to launch this summer. Comfort Covers are custom made, double-sided duvets developed for people living with dementia, their families, and care providers. The purpose of these duvets is to guide comforting conversations of memory-based exchanges between all parties affected by dementia. After graduation I plan to continue developing my designs and ideas for Comfort Covers to better the lives of others.