Becca Schroeder


My name’s Becca. Pleased to meet you!

Up to this point, I have served pizzas, ice cream, cleaned busses, and photographed many people and places. The journey has been fun and now I am graduating to pursue my true passions in design, photography, video, and fine art! When it comes to design, I enjoy transitional typefaces, symbolic imagery, whimsical and lyrical typography, and taking risks throughout the ideation process. I currently own a photography studio in my hometown and intend to renovate and establish my business after graduation. I am a huge anime buff and have hosted many events critically analyzing Japanese films. This got me really interested in video and animation, which I started to pursue this year. I am currently involved with several painting commissions for my hometown.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar, singing, writing, traveling, and being with my family, friends, and pets- but of course sleep is something I have grown to cherish more and more!

I currently work at Hanson Inc. in Maumee, Ohio as a visual design intern. After graduation I plan to continue working for a full-time career there and will be getting married in October. I’ve always felt very blessed that I was able to grow up in my hometown of Ottawa, Ohio. One of my biggest goals is to give back to my community through art and music. After graduation I will be joining the community band and will be working with local businesses on promotional and artistic efforts. I intend to be very active in Northwest Ohio for a long time and am excited for the many opportunities that await!