Trevor Rice

Who is Trevor Rice? Coming from a past of a lot of moving here and there and back and fourth from Arizona to Ohio, I never really planned for the future, but mostly just lived in the now. With Senior year of my Undergraduate career coming to an end, I can definitely say one thing about my experience, I STAYED AND CONQUERED! I’m proud of everything I have developed in, not only in myself, but also my Graphic Design career. The Graphic Design program at BGSU has helped me find who I am as a designer with the best guidance from professors a student could ask for. As a designer, I like to incorporate trending styles of our generation while adding my own style by pushing the envelope. Everyone always talks about these “rules” design has that have to be followed, but I was never one to follow rules. With the help of the BGSUGD Program, I could explore within design and enjoy what I was doing and do what I wanted to do while staying within these “rules.” As for my next move from here? Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of landing a job within branding, advertisement, and logo design!